Monday, April 12, 2010


Back in our first week of painting CYCLE TC5 was on the
roof. We
took the chance to ask him a couple of questions
about his graff and this years piece for the Rooftop
Legends show.

RTL: How did you get into graffiti, and how many years have

you been writing for?

CYCLE: I started seriously writing in 1989. I got into it from just

seeing it around in my environment, places I would hang out at

or go skateboarding at or along the train lines. This was the days

before the internet, you had to figure it out for yourself. I was always

into art since I was a little kid and graffiti looked like it was more fun

than High School art class.

RTL: Where are you from and how did you wind up in NYC?

CYCLE: I am from Connecticut originally. I grew up about an hour

or so from the city. The Metro North commuter trains came right to

where I lived so I was always taking the train down into the city since

I was a kid. Going to Mets games, going to record shops, skateboarding,

hanging out, etc. I have lived in Washington DC and San Francisco

as well for school but some how I always wind up back in NYC.

I guess so much of what I grew up with is based around this city it just

feels right being here.

RTL: You seem to be involved in a bunch of other creative areas -

was this all a direct progression for you?

CYCLE: I am not sure if "direct progression" is the right term,

it was more like a drunken stumble.

RTL: What can you tell us about this years piece for the Rooftop

Legends show?

CYCLE: It makes a sound like this....."Arrrghhhhhh"

RTL: Anything else you'd like to add - new projects,
news etc?

CYCLE: New projects?....uh, I don't know....I guess falling down,

getting up, trying again kinda stuff.... making it up as I go along,

Something always seems to pop up. Just keep painting and looking

for a nice warm spot in the sunshine to lay down and daydream.

RTL: Thanks!