Saturday, April 10, 2010


Jaes One hit the roof last weekend. Here's a little bit more about
the artist....

RTL: How long have you been writing for? Where are you based?

J: I've been doing graffiti for about 16 yrs, and live in NYC.

RTL: How did you get into graffiti, and what has it lead to with
other creative ventures?

J: Me and my friends got into graffiti via skateboard culture.
Skateboarding and graffiti have a lot in common such as:
expressing yourself stylistically, the rebellious natures of
both lifestyles, the desire to improve your skill sets and
explore your own creativity. I've always been interested in
visual forms of communication, art, and doing things my
own way. Right now I work mostly as an illustrator and

RTL: You're sponsored by IRONLAK, how did that come
about? What opportunities have come your way because of it?

J: To make a long story short, Wane COD introduced me and
Enue to some of the TMD ( guys,
they introduced us to Ironlak, and here we are.

We (the Ironlak USA team) have gotten to link up every few
months and do team walls in different cities. The Supervision
guys put together the videos. Huge shouts to them, check them
out at

I think the best thing Ironlak has made happen is helping connect
talented/like-minded people from all over the world to collaborate

RTL: What are your thoughts on the ROOFTOP LEGENDS event?
Is this your first experience with the event?

J: This is my 4th time painting on the roof, I think its great.
I always say how cool it would have been to go to a school like this
that embraces kids creativity so much. I went to a really normal
school where me drawing all day was considered a problem.
If kids cant pay attention to school because they would rather draw,
they shouldn't be punished, they should be sent to art school to
explore their talents.

The graffiti / skatepark combination is really fresh. It helps
encourage kids to express themselves creatively, and on another
note: skateboarding is a real deal profession. If kids want to skate,
it should be encouraged just as much as any other sport.

RTL: Anything you want to add- new projects, news etc?

J: I'm pretty excited about some projects I have lined up this year
but I'm not at liberty to discuss them yet. 2009 was a blast, just more
painting and really looking forward to another year of doing it all
over again. So I Would just like to say thanks to everyone from
Ironlak, Levi (Ironlak) who In my opinion is responsible for a lot
of connecting the dots and facilitating good graffiti worldwide.
The Supervision guys in Chicago, Enue, Ali, Jee, EV, CiscoNYC,
Askew, Sirum, TMD Crew, Luke, Tues, Wane, Cope, Ovie, Rath,
Tkid, Keo, Cecs, Mare, Spot, Rime, Jick, Skinz, the guys at Tuff City,
Plaztikmag, Nostylgia, All of COD, KD, TNB, KMS, UPS, and all my
friends and family.